What is Claire ?

Claire is a portable (unixes, Win32) programming framework based on the XL Claire language. XLClaire is a clone of the Claire 3 language which is a high-level functional object-oriented language originally aimed at solving complex problem (see Claire 3 description and the Papers page). The XLClaire language with the WebClaire framework is a more general purpose language while being fully compliant with the original Claire 3 language, either used as a scripting language or as a dynamic web application framework. Claire is written in C++ and comes with an interpreter and a compiler that generates efficient C++.

Key aspects

Inherited from Claire 3 :

  • automatic garbage collection
  • rules processing capabilities
  • rich type system including type intervals and second-order types (with static/dynamic typing)
  • parametric classes and methods
  • propagation rules based on events
  • dynamic versioning that supports easy exploration of search spaces
  • set-based programming with an intuitive syntax
  • simple-minded object-oriented programming
  • truly polymorphic and parametric functional programming
  • an entity-relation approach with explicit relations, inverses and unknown values

Starting with XL Claire :

  • extended Kernel API
  • simpler system integration, compiler interface and module sharing process
  • extensible IO architecture with embedded filtering support
  • support for arbitrary long strings
  • automatic support of memory congestion
  • new printing syntax using tag notation ( ?>...<? )
  • extensible command line handling, each new module may provide its own option set
  • serialization of entities for IPC and session data
  • user documentation generation from code comments
  • GDB like debugger for both interpreted and compiled code
  • parametric regular expression like engine (scanf)

Starting with Claire :

  • Apache 2.0 bridge (through the apache module mod_wcl)
  • HTTP/CGI handling (Http/Wcl? modules)
  • session support (Wcl module)
  • Web debugger providing on page report and backtrace of unhandled exception (Wcl module)
  • localization (Locale module)
  • DBMS abstraction layer which prevent to write any SQL request (Dbo/Db? modules and driver modules)
  • XML and SOAP support (Sax/Soap? modules)
  • on the fly mail generation (Mail module)
  • Pdf framework to read and write PDF documents (HTML/CSS convertor, attachements, digital signature) (Pdf module)


webclaire architecture

XL Claire documentation

Claire documentation

Download XL CLAIRE

XL CLAIRE v3.3.37 archive


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